Sunday, March 20, 2011

The QR Code Game

I found this great idea about turning QR Codes into a game at a convention. I think this has so much potential!
"The EclipseCon QR-CodeBreakers Game is a great way to win prizes in exchange for collaborating with your colleagues, sharing locations of hidden codes, being in the right place at the right time, and having a bit of luck! Scan QR codes found on attendee badges, participating sponsor booths, and throughout the conference to reveal keywords. Collect keywords and you'll be in the running to win prizes!"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Great Use For QR Codes In The Tourism Industry

The hospitality and tourism industry spend a ton of money trying to attact visitors to their destination. However, they should be focusing on encouraging the current visitors to have the most wonderful time possible.

If you have ever been on vacation it can be a very exhausting thing to find your way around and/or things to do. I think that New York City had the right idea when they posted QR Codes around Central Park last Arbor Day.

The opportunities for using QR codes are virtually endless. A city could integrate these codes to give guests an exciting and enjoyable tour of their city like never before. Take a look at the video below and you will see what I am talking about!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Stars Are Using WhoSay?, which is still in beta and not open to the general public, is already home to many stars. WhoSay, is a relatively new social media service that authenticates celebrity accounts and gives them a new platform to connect with fans. Basically, it is and twitter combined for celebrities, personalities, artists, authors, politicians or any other well-known public figure.

However, it can be a bit hard to find out which stars have a whosay page. Usually you have to search for the persons name with whosay, but below is a list of celebrities that currently have whosay pages.

If you know of any other whosay pages, leave a link in the comments!

Alanis Morissette

Iliza Shlesinger

Anthony Zuiker

Tyler James Williams

Terri Clark

Kelly Choi

James Franco

Eva Longoria

Bill Maher

Monday, March 7, 2011

JumpScan Creates Digital Calling Cards From Small Town of Brevard

Ok, I have to admit that when I first saw this article I was interested because I saw the name "Brevard" next to Tech. I live in Brevard County Florida and was hoping that this awesome tech company was local! As I began to read farther, I realized that the article was about the company I used to provide my QR Code. (It appears in the upper right hand corner of my blog) I just wanted to pass along the good press and an inspirational story! Way to go JumpScan!

Written by
Jason Sandford

BREVARD — Phil Davis and his partners have created a physical link to the digital world they believe will forever change the way people share their contact information.

Their company is called JumpScan, and their innovation is a Web-based platform that allows a user to create a specialized bar code and easily share it. The QR code, which looks more like a blotchy stamp than a traditional stripy bar code, can contain all kinds of information, from a Web address to a phone number.

“I first saw QR codes in March or April of last year,” Davis said. “We started looking around, and we began to realize that there really wasn't a Web-based platform for the codes,” he said of his partners: his son, Ben Davis, and Web developer Mike McKearin.

So the company created JumpScan (, a site that allows anyone to create a profile, then spit out a QR code that directs a user to a mobile-friendly profile page when it's scanned by a smart phone.

The result is the equivalent of a digital business card, Davis said.

“Imagine going to a restaurant, and the doors are closed, but there's a QR code right there on the door,” he said. “Anyone with a smart phone can scan it and get directed to a page that tells you what time it opens, what their lunch special is and Flickr photos of their food.”

The company launched in September. After tech websites Lifehacker and Mashable published stories about JumpScan on New Year's Eve, the company captured 5,000 users in one week, Davis said.

Interest is high in technology such as QR codes because “the digital epicenter is moving from the laptop to the palm-top,” and companies are focusing on mobile users, Davis said.

He cited statistics that show that Web-enabled phones will reach 50 percent market penetration in coming months, and that by 2013, more people will be accessing the Internet by mobile phones than by desktop computers.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Google Rolls Out New Profile Design

Google has recently updated their profile pages. They have introduced a brand new design as well as several new changes and features.

"Two years ago, we launched Google Profiles to help you manage your online identity. Since then, we’ve enhanced profiles to help you connect to other public online services and improve your search results," Greg Marra, Product Manager at Google, wrote.

"Today, we’re starting to give Google Profiles a new look and feel, making it even easier for you to control and enrich your public profile," he announced.

The new profiles are available now! They feature a new 10 words to describe you section as well as a “scrapbook” to feature 5 photos.

Nichole’s Tip of the Day: Update your Google profile!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

QR Codes, A Billboard Advertisers Dream Come True!

Long before I turned my attention to internet marketing, I was heavily involved in billboard advertising for multiple companies. Billboards are great for reaching large numbers of people, but difficult for tracking return on investment (ROI). The question I spent far too much time trying to answer was, "Do these Billboards actually WORK?!"
FINALLY, there is an effective solution! QR CODES

By using a QR Codes linked to a website, social network profile or product offers an advertiser is now able to track where customer saw their billboard and the rate of return on these billboards. QR Codes are customizable interaction points that point users to a specific url, photo, video or text online. All the user must have is a smart phone and a QR scanner. Please see the following example for a better illustration of the capabilities of QR codes.

For Example: Ron Jon's Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach, Florida.
Ron Jon's has billboards all over the state of Florida. They are trying to figure out which express way (I-4, I-75 or I-95) gets more tourists through their doors. It used to be a guessing game, however QR Codes will allow Ron Jon's to get a much better picture of where their tourist traffic is coming from (literally).
Ron Jon's could set-up 3 different QR Codes to be used on the 3 express ways. Depending on the traffic to the associated URL's plus any other variables they would like to set up, they can decide where there is more traffic that is interested in their shop.

They could also track these QR Codes in relation to coupon redemption. Ron Jon's gives out 15% off coupons, by pointing the QR codes at 3 unique Coupons, they could even track where the customer saw their billboard and whether or not they came into the store to redeem it.

Ron Jon's could also enhance a marketing technique they already use, a count down to their shop. As shown in the photo a RJ's billboard, they post the milage to their store on nearly all billboards. The QR Code could also point to this information to make this technique more interactive. I know if it were me interacting with a brand for 200 miles, I would be determined to at least visit the store when I got there!

If it were me in charge of the content, I would point the QR Codes to a fun voice file with some surf music or trivia. If each billboard had a new trivia question about surfing, it would turn finding Ron Jon's billboards into a game for traveling families. I would also talk up all the things there is to do once you get to the surf shop like take lessons, rent surf boards, or shop.

QR Codes are the tracking device billboard advertisers have been looking for. This will allow advertisers to interact with customers and track their results like never before. Finally this old fashion form of advertising is interacting with the 21st century!

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