Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Made The CrowdBooster Team, Mom!!!

I feel like I am 13 again and just made the cheerleading team! You know what I am talking about, that tinge of excitement you get in the pit of your stomach that tells you, "You are in."

That is what it feels like checking my email and seeing that I have been invited to the beta site of CrowdBooster. It is a social medial marketing tool that allows you to see how well your twitter site is preforming. Since I manage multiple business twitter accounts, this is something that always eludes me. I am always trying to express to my clients how powerful their social networking presence is.

CrowdBooster allow me to gain deep audience insight. I can see what twitter followers are generating impressions for me. This way I can target them with rewards! I have never been able to tell my clients this before.

I am only beginning to scratch the surface of this program, but I will keep you posted on my findings.
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1 comment:

  1. Hi Nichole,

    Thanks for the writeup! We're ecstatic to have you on the team! Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

    Co-Founder, Crowdbooster