Tuesday, January 25, 2011

JumpScan, Easy as Pie!

When I first came across JumpScan, I was confused. Sort of like the first time a teacher tried to explain pi to me.

Me in Math Class: "What??? Pi? Pie? the ratio of...what? A circle? 3.14...What?"

Me looking at JumpScan for the first time: "What??? I take a picture of what? And that lets me do what?"

But, as soon as I watched their video on youtube, I was sold on just how easy this program is.

It is simple, the website produces a QR code, you take a photo with your smart phone. The app downloads the information attached to the code and BAM, like a pie in the face you have contact information for all the various ways to reach you.

Take a photo of your friends QR code and BAM, their info is in your phone with nothing more than the press of one button!

Here is what the website says about it:
"JumpScan combines all your contact and social media information for quick, on-the-go sharing. No more typing, texting, entering and memorizing. Just generate your own JumpScan QR Code, and anyone with a smart phone can take a picture of the image, which automatically links to your personal JumpScan page. Point. Click. Connect. It's that easy!"

Check it out for yourself, jumpscan.com.

Hmm, I wanna go have pie now!

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