Wednesday, March 2, 2011

11.6 hour Scam Spreading On Twitter

An new scam is spreading around Twitter. 11.6 hour scam had thousands of people duped into clicking on links believing that it will reveal how many hours they have spent on Twitter.
However, once clicked you are taken to a page which attempts to connect an application called "Time on Tweeter."
The application instantly tweets a message to your Twitter feed, claiming that you have also spent 11.6 hours on Twitter and the cycle starts again spreading the link virally.
If you’ve fallen victim to this or similar scams, you should immediately revoke Twitter access to all suspicious applications. To do that, log into Twitter, click on “Settings” in the upper-right drop-down menu, choose “Connections” and click “Revoke Access” on suspicious apps — which, in this case, is the app named “Time on Tweeter.”

Sources: Mashable & Sophos

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