Saturday, February 26, 2011

Homeless Man Finds Daughter After 11 Years Apart Via Twitter

Daniel Morales, a participant of the Underheard in New York project, got a Twitter account about three weeks ago, documenting what it's like to be homeless - 140 characters at a time.

Wednesday evening he tweeted, "Hi thi is to let yo people know that in lookin eoq my daughter her name is sarah m rivera."

Morales also posted his cell number and a picture of his daughter at age 16, 11 years ago. Within about 24 hours, he received a call from his daughter.

"She lives in Brooklyn!" Morales said. "We are going to get together tomorrow, but we don't know where yet. I didn't even recognize her voice, but it turns out she is so close. It's too much, too much."

Congratulations Daniel and Sarah!

More Information on The Underheard in New York project

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