Tuesday, February 15, 2011

IGENAPPS: A Great Tool For Business!

Lately I have been looking into creating my own app for iphones. I think it would be a great marketing tool. Plus, I am really excited about paring it with my QR code.

My plan is to create an app and point a QR code at it! I feel this will be a effective way to get users of iphone access to my app since they need a smart phone to use a QR code!

I wanted to share with you my findings on apps!

I came across this app that is set to be released in the first quarter of 2011 called IGenApps. It is a new way of creating and generating mobile apps. iGenApps will allow you to make your own apps without knowing how to do any programming! I love the internet but I have no desire to spend hours searching the web for tutorials on how to make apps or paying someone a ton of money to create one for me.

This app is designed for personal and business use and appears to have some great features.

It allows the user to choose from a variety of screen types such as:

-Horizontal Scrolling Screens

-Coverflow Screens

-Gallery Screens

-Simple Lists

-Sorted Lists

-Description Lists

-Category Lists

-Event Lists

-Calendar Screens

-Details Screens

-Map Screens

Users can also create links to:

-Email Addresses

-Phone numbers

-YouTube Videos


-Physical Addresses

This links that you will create will interact directly with the other iPhone Apps like the Phone, Mail, Safari, Google Maps and YouTube Apps.

Users can also select from 3 different Menu Screens which are:

-Menu with icons (9 icons max)

-Menu by tabs (5 tabs max)

-Menu with buttons (6 buttons max)

Until the app is released, I won’t have any feedback for you guys, but here is what their website says about the app. “Sounds simple? Well its even simpler than it sounds. You're probably wondering, 'what's the catch?' How can it be so easy and so cheap to develop an iPhone App? iGenApps is basically a tool that will walk you through the creation of a Web Application that will look and feel like any other Native iPhone App. After creating your first App, you will obtain your own web address which you will first access through the Safari. You can then Add it to your Home Screen and that's it! You can then share your web address with your friends, colleges or clients so that they can also use your new app.”

There is no information about how much this app will cost, but as long as IGENApp keeps it affordable for a majority of the users, it will probably be a pretty successful app. I am going to be keeping an eye on this!

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  1. Hi Nichole - check out www.shoutem.com - a very low cost alternative with much more functionality.

  2. That shotem.com is a piece of crap. I did one app with them and it is ridiculus why the charge for that kind of service.