Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tips for Interacting with Customers Online

  1. Thank Other Users - Take the time to thank your users when they interact with you online. Twitter example: when a user Retweets (RT) one of your posts, send them a direct message thanking them for the RT. Comment on articles that you find interesting or relevant and RT them.
  2. Don't Focus On The Big Names- Stay away from the big brands, they usually have so many people vying for their attention that they can have a hard time keeping up. Focus instead on creating relationships with people who have common interests. They might just have a friend or contact that is in dier need of what you have!
  3. Add Value David Mullen said this so perfectly on his blog, “There are lots of ways to provide value to your online connections. Share great industry news stories and funny videos. Point them to other smart people with whom you think they should connect. Have a point of view on issues or trends and let them know about it. If you work for Kraft, share a great recipe daily or links to nutrition news."
  4. ASK FOR HELP. If you are having a problem on any of the main social sites, why not twitter about it. This is a great way to ask your followers for help. When I first switched to the iphone I reached out on twitter multiple times for help. Those followers began to interact with me on other topics and helped me begin to really engage users and find more followers.
  5. Make Personal Stuff Work For You- It is true that people don't care what you are eating for breakfast, but if you are a heath club, your followers may want heathy breakfast recipes. . There is a difference between pointless personal information and information that is interesting and/or entertaining.
Twitter Example: Future Physique is a health club that shares health and fitness information and tips online.
  • Bad Tweet: Just Saw an cyclist get hit by a bus.
  • Appropriate Tweet: Just Saw an cyclist get hit by a bus. If you are riding a bike for a workout today, wear a helmet.
  • Bad Tweet: Eating Grapefruit, Granola and Yogurt for breakfast, ummm.
  • Appropriate Tweet: Eating Grapefruit, Granola and Yogurt for breakfast, I blogged the recipe for you to try. It helps jump start my metabolism in the morning. Link

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